Standard Riveteers (Jund) Midrange – Deck Guide

I have been exploring the new Riveteers archetype in Standard and I’ve been really liking it. Here is what I have found about Jund Midrange so far. 

I started with this list above because I wanted to try as many of the new cards as possible and I’ve been impressed by Invoke Despair every time someone cast it against me in the previous format. 



I have quickly found that it’s not nearly as powerful now with Ob Nixilis in the format. What happens is that they’ll be able to sacrifice the copy, a Devil token and at best you will draw a card while they still have a planeswalker in play and you just spent your whole turn for this. 

Reactive cards, especially the expensive ones, are just not very effective at the moment, not even just because of Ob Nixilis, but because most threats are simply so powerful now and usually create some additional value that playing a reactive game these days feels like running a fool’s errand. 

Seriously, look at cards like Bloodtithe Harvester, Fable of the Mirror-Breaker, Ob Nixilis, Wedding Announcement, Esika’s Chariot, Goldspan Dragon, The Wandering Emperor or well, just about any other planeswalker. Everything creates additional value, so playing one-for-one removal just feels incredibly bad unless you’re trying to help push your creatures through defense.

I had high hopes for Riveteers Charm, but it ended up having the same issue. Spending three mana to deal with a permanent you can’t even choose just doesn’t seem reasonable and using it to get three cards out of it in the early game is just asking to fall too far behind on board. 

I also felt like my Reflection of Kiki-Jiki didn’t have enough targets and the deck was overall too reactive. 

After making some changes and playing some more, I ended up on this list that I am currently using now. 



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