Standard Orzhov Venture in Innistrad – Deck Guide

A funny thing happened to me when I was grinding Gruul on the Arena ladder. I ran up against a Standard Orzhov Venture deck featuring such highlights as Precipitous Drop and Fates’ Reversal, as well as several cards that I never knew (or didn’t remember) even existed!

I waited for the win, which I figured was inevitable. Sooner or later, the sheer difference in card quality would catch up to my opponent. How could these booster draft commons hang against my Esika’s Chariots and Arlinn, Pack’s Hopes? 

In the end, not only were they able to hang, but I ended up losing somewhat decisively. With my curiosity piqued, I set out to reverse engineer the deck I’d just faced (I wish that I could credit my opponent, but sadly I failed to note their Arena account name). I tossed together an Orzhov venture into the Dungeon deck, won my next five matches, and cruised all the way to Mythic. Here’s the list I settled on:




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