Standard Naya Runes with New Capenna – Deck Guide Update

When Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty was first released, Naya Runes instantly became one of the most exciting decks across Standard, Alchemy and even Historic. While it looked like a potentially dominant strategy at first, it was soon hated to the fringes of the format by cards like Archon of Emeria and tons of cheap removal for creatures and enchantments.

Archon of Emeria

Although its popularity has ebbed and flowed, there’s no denying that Runes is a great deck, with a very big footprint on the format. It’s powerful enough to fight through hate. More importantly, it severely punishes anyone who shows up unprepared. With a new set freshly released, and everyone excited to brew around new cards, we’re in a world where people might not be giving Runes its due respect. That’s a world where it can thrive. 




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