Standard Naya Enchantress: MTG Deck Guide

If you played a lot of Standard over the past two years, you probably ran into Naya Runes. You probably also know all about the explosive things it was capable of doing. 

Naya Runes no longer exists in that form, since Kaldheim has rotated out of Standard. However, there are still plenty of powerful enchantment synergies to tap into thanks to Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty and the other sets that have remained legal. The version I’m going to feature today is the heir apparent to Naya Runes. 

The Meathook Massacre

It also happens to be a huge winner from the banning of The Meathook Massacre. It can now go wide with Wedding Announcement and Hallowed Haunting with much less fear of being set back to square one. 



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