Standard Mono-White Aggro with New Capenna – Deck Guide Update

Mono-White has been a strong deck in Standard for quite some time. It suffered from the banning of Faceless Haven, but with a couple of great additions from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty and Streets of New Capenna, the archetype has hardly slowed down.

Specifically, Mono-White has an impressive intersection of tournament results plus a very high win rate on Magic Arena. It consistently shows up in the top 8 of Magic Online’s Standard Challenges, and Untapped.GG shows it with a 58.2 percent win rate from Bronze to Mythic on the Best-of-Three ladder.  

Mono-White is also one of the very best choices for Best-of-One play. It shows a 58.4 percent win rate on the Best-of-One ladder. Only one deck (Naya Humans) has higher at the time of writing. 

Here’s a recent deck list courtesy of Fernando Moneo, who placed third in the 163-player GGtoor event on Magic Arena this past weekend. 


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2 thoughts on “Standard Mono-White Aggro with New Capenna – Deck Guide Update”

  1. Alan Kershner

    Pithing Needle in the board but not coming in for Esper or Sacrifice? Isn’t that a good option to shut off Anvil or these Superfriends?

  2. It’s probably true that Pithing Needle is there for decks with four copies of Oni-Cult Anvil or particular planeswalkers. Personally, I just don’t really like Needle, and swapped it for Archon of Emeria when I picked up the deck.

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