Standard Mono-White Aggro (with Blue!) – Deck Guide Update

In my opinion, Mono-White Aggro is the simplest and cleanest aggressive strategy in Standard. It can be successful at any level of competition, piloted by players of any experience level. I recommend it to diehard aggro fans as well as to anyone looking for an entry point into the format.

Mono-White has been a strong deck in Standard for practically as long as I can remember. It has an impressive intersection of tournament results, plus a very high win rate on Magic Arena. It frequently shows up in the top 8 of Arena’s big tournaments, and in Magic Online’s Standard Challenges. Untapped.GG shows it with a 58.4 percent win rate from Silver to Mythic on the Best-of-Three ladder.

Mono-White is also one of the very best choices for Best-of-One play; it shows a highly impressive 57.7 percent win rate on the ladder (no deck has above 59 percent in Best-of-One). 




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