Standard Mono-Red Aggro – Deck Guide Update

If you are paying attention to Huey’s Standard Power Rankings, you’d notice Mono-Red Aggro in second place at the moment. I think it makes sense because right now, the most popular decks are all the Yorion, Sky Nomad midrange strategies and Rogues. There aren’t that many Adventure decks, which means much fewer Lovestruck Beasts and Bonecrusher Giants than normal. 

Frequently getting paired against Rogues and Sultai is exactly where you want to be. I just used this deck to plow through platinum and diamond to make mythic in record speed by getting paired against these decks over and over and running into very few copies of Naya and Temur. 

As long as the metagame stays like this, Mono-Red is a good choice, but as soon as players go back to Adventures and it starts making a big portion of the metagame again, I would recommend moving away from it.


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