Standard Mono-Green Aggro – Deep Dive

Mono-Green Aggro might just be the best creature deck in Standard, and yet nobody’s even picking it up! With a pristine, monocolored mana base and the hardest hitting creatures in the format, you’ll be impressed by both its power and consistency. 

Mono-Green was once the very best deck in Standard. With Izzet decks on the upswing and The Wandering Emperor seeing a bit less play, it’s an ideal time to sleeve up Old-Growth Troll again. 

Old-Growth Troll

Despite seeing a very low volume of play, Mono-Green scored a decisive first place finish in the recent 78-player Pizza Box tournament on Magic Arena. Congratulations to Jose Fernando Calvo Mendez, whose deck list is featured below.




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  1. Chance Washburn

    This has been my favorite archetype since I was introduced to it at the World Championships last year, a couple of months after I started to play MTG. It is so much fun to play and led to my first Mythic ranking. I’ll try tuning the deck using the article. Epiphany had been a close match-up. When it got banned, it seemed Black Control had my number when I started seeing a lot of those decks as Crimson Vow was released. Thanks for the excellent explanations and update! –Polymerizer

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