Standard Metagame Analysis Update – Win Rates, Deck Lists and More

Three weeks ago, I provided a first detailed Standard metagame analysis and deck list analysis with Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. Since then, Mono-Green Aggro and Mono-White Aggro have started to dominate. In this article, I’ll offer a numerical analysis along with aggregate deck lists for the top 10 archetypes. I’ll point out the biggest changes in card choices compared to three weeks ago, and I’ll share some ideas on what kind of Innistrad: Crimson Vow additions each archetype would desire the most.

The data set I used for this article is comprised of all Standard deck lists that were played in best-of-three events on MTG Melee from Monday, October 4 up to and including Sunday, October 24. That’s basically the last three weeks, including the huge Red Bull Untapped events. In total, this yielded 4,103 decks and 10,233 corresponding matches, which is a lot.




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