Standard Jund Midrange – Deck Guide Update

The hot technology in Standard these days is splashing a color for Soul Shatter, as in the successful, new Grixis Control deck. Soul Shatter is one of the best answers in the format to troublesome creatures like Goldspan Dragon.

Soul Shatter

You know what’s better than splashing a color for Soul Shatter? Getting that effect built into the structure of your deck for free, with no extra effort!

Riveteers Charm

One of the modes of Riveteers Charm is functionally identical to Soul Shatter! This makes it one of the most desirable cards to be playing with right now, and allows Jund Midrange to match up well against the wide range of decks built around Goldspan Dragon, Hinata, Dawn-Crowned, Hullbreaker Horror, Raffine, Scheming Seer and Evelyn, the Covetous

If Riveteers Charm isn’t enough to convince you, Jund also gets access to a huge range of the best threats and answers available in Standard. It’s a well-rounded midrange deck that’s fun, customizable, and has great sideboard options. 




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