Standard Jeskai Treasures – Deck Guide Update

Original Jeskai Treasures Deck Guide by Arne Huschenbeth. Update by Reid Duke. 

When it’s able to execute its combo, Jeskai Treasures is one of the most impressive decks in Standard. Heck, it’s one of the most impressive decks in any format, ever! For the affordable price of three mana, Alchemist’s Gambit can give you an extra turn, leading you to an uncontested win before the opponent ever gets a chance to untap. You can turbo through your entire deck, and attack for an unbounded amount of flying, unblockable damage. 

Jeskai Treasures does a lot of what Jeskai Mutate and Izzet Turns could do in previous Standard formats. It ties all of these combo elements together into an effective shell that can also play control or midrange as backup plans.



Before we get into the nuts and bolts, I have a few notes on deck naming and alternative builds. 

When I write the Standard Power Rankings, I group Jeskai Treasures into the broader category of “Izzet Lier.” Big Score and/or Unexpected Windfall fuel this archetype by filling the graveyard at the same time as providing card drawing and big mana. From there, you can use Lier, Disciple of the Drowned and/or Arcane Bombardment to bury the opponent in value.

There’s a ton of customization possible within the “Izzet Lier” archetype, but this deck is a good reference. An exact, identical deck list made the top 8 of both the Magic Online Standard Challenge and the 257-player Crokeyz tournament on Magic Arena.



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  1. A bit surprised by the decklist, 3 expressive iteration and not 4, 4 unexpected windfall and no big score, no fable of the mirror breaker. Any changes you would recommend to make to the decklist mentionned?

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