Standard Jeskai Hinata – Deck Guide

Jeskai Hinata was a breakout deck from last weekend’s New Capenna Set Championship. It won the event in the hands of Jan Moritz Merkel. Even without factoring in his success on Sunday, the archetype had an impressive 58.8 percent win rate in the Swiss rounds. 




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9 thoughts on “Standard Jeskai Hinata – Deck Guide”

  1. George Corneveaux

    I see more Temur Control these days, what are your thoughts on the match up and SB choices?

  2. Thomas Toffalori

    Thanks for the article. As others have said. More sideboard choices and mulligan guide would be awesome!

  3. All these decks people are saying to make a SB guide for are non-meta (except Temur Control, which is basically the same as Izzet Control) and pretty easy to figure out a sideboard strat for.

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