Standard Izzet Phoenix – Innistrad Brews

I tend to really like to build Izzet decks. Of course, sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t. I’ve been pouring over the previews from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, and there are a few cards that look particularly interesting to me.




This card looks pretty strong to me. It doesn’t seem particularly challenging to recur; you can easily build your deck in a way to cast two spells. Maybe your opponent can engineer the game in a way to keep the game in the day time, but even still, how long can that really last? Two mana is cheap to return the Phoenix, and if you build your deck in a way where you’re somewhat controlling, you even have the benefit of being able to find more in the later game and threaten to return multiples at a time. Sunstreak Phoenix even looks like a decent card to just play and block, though since it enters the battlefield tapped when you recur it, it will likely not be the strongest blocker over the course of a game. 


4 Sunstreak Phoenix


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