Standard GW Humans Aggro – Deck Guide

Selesnya Aggro is one of the more exciting decks of Crimson Vow Standard. White Aggro is a successful strategy, Green Aggro is a successful strategy, so gaining access to the best of both worlds is highly appealing. Plus, the Innistrad sets have a clear lean towards Standard GW Humans, including a couple of particularly powerful cards. 


Katilda, Dawnhart PrimeHamlet Vanguard

Katilda, Dawnhart Prime was printed in Midnight Hunt, but never had a home in a top tier Standard strategy. She adds explosive potential to the deck, and allows you to go both big and wide with her activated ability during stalled games.

Hamlet Vanguard is new to Crimson Vow, and may be the single most compelling reason to play Selesnya. It can come down as a 5/5 or a 7/7 on turn three, and when the opponent is under that much pressure that quickly, its ward ability can be insurmountable. And the really great thing about Hamlet Vanguard is that it can be cast at any point in the game, and scales in power level with how many creatures you’re able to deploy. 

Check out this deck list, which placed second in Crokeyz’s Crimson Vow Release tournament in the hands of Antonio Abreu.




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