Standard Esper Planeswalkers with Kaito and More! – Deck Guide

There’s a new bully on the Standard streets, and his name is Kaito Shizuki. Last week, I already wrote about him dominating the Alchemy format with Grixis Midrange. Today I find myself delivering you similar news to Standard. 

Esper Planeswalkers combines 12 planeswalkers with the best interaction available in the format. Aggro decks struggle against Doomskar and The Meathook Massacre while control and midrange fights are dominated by Esper’s value-providing planeswalkers. The deck has answers for any kind of permanent and plays offense and defense very well. It’s the perfect midrange deck.

When a strategy impresses me, I usually find myself asking “What is the weakness? What beats what I’m doing?” I’m not able to come up with a popular deck I would be unhappy facing here. The one weakness of this deck is that it takes time to close out a game. A deck like Izzet Turns out of the previous format would have had good chances against Esper Planeswalkers. But as far as I can tell, something like that doesn’t exist in current Standard. The combo decks in Standard are much easier to disrupt than Izzet Turns. Esper Planeswalkers out-values the Orzhov shells by having access to more planeswalkers and Reckoner Bankbuster to attack theirs or draw you cards.




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