Standard Boros Aggro – Deck Guide Update

The Boros color combination was very quiet around the release of Streets of New Capenna. Yet there’s a reason why it’s now Standard’s most successful aggro deck, and one of the most successful decks bar none. Boros is the fastest and most punishing aggro deck in the format. It shares the core, and many of the great qualities, of Mono-White, but adds red for additional aggressive options and reach.

Since the publishing of the original Deck Guide, Boros has gone from an interesting fringe strategy to a tournament mainstay. Additionally, Boros has impressive win rates according to Untapped.GG. From Silver to Mythic on the Arena ladder, it shows 58.6 percent for Best-of-Three play and 58.2 percent for Best-of-One. Both of those are quite strong, but the Best-of-One number is higher than any other deck right now!



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