Standard Bant Tokens from the World Championship! MTG Deck Guide

When Streets of New Capenna came out, I posted a Deck Guide for a brew built around Brokers Ascendancy, tokens and planeswalkers. Today, when I looked at the World Championship Standard deck lists, I was pleasantly surprised to see Drew Baker, one of the competitors, register a similar deck! 

Why Should You Try This Deck 

  • The Meathook Massacre got banned and there are very few other sweepers that are being played in the top tier decks right now, which opens up space for go-wide strategies. You may see a couple copies of Farewells in some Esper sideboards or one copy of Burn Down the House as a tutor target in The Cruelty of Gix decks, but that’s pretty much it. 
  • Instead, most decks are running direct removal spells like Infernal Grasp, Cut Down or Void Rend to answer cards like Raffine, Scheming Seer, which makes tokens from Join the Dance, Resolute Reinforcements and Wedding Announcement extremely annoying to answer effectively.
  • Standard is all Raffine and Fable of the Mirror-Breaker decks. Sometimes it’s refreshing to give something else a try. Off-meta decks also often give you extra percentage points because while everyone knows how to play and sideboard against Esper, they might not be ready for what you’re doing. 
  • Only four out of 32 players at Worlds submitted Jund, which has access to Unleash the Inferno, which can be very annoying for a deck built around Brokers Ascendancy and Wedding Announcement. If this trend continues, that’s a lot less Unleash and Burn Down the House to worry about.

Let’s take a look at Drew’s list, cards that rotated out and new cards this deck picked up recently, as well as a few suggestions on some possible changes.



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