So You Want to Play UW Control in Pioneer? – Deck Guide

With many players reigniting their interest in the Pioneer format, I’ve found that many players who enjoy playing control decks in other formats are heavily gravitating towards Pioneer’s UW Control deck… as they should! Azorius Control has emerged early as one of the most dominant decks in the format, with tons of game against every archetype and lots of long-term staying power. That being said, there is a lot of flexibility in how you can/should build the archetype, so these are the main things I’d like you to take away from this article:

  • Discuss what elements of the Azorius Control deck are crucial. These are cards that you can expect to always play in the deck for the foreseeable future.
  • Discuss what elements are more flexible, and come down to personal preference, metagame and potentially have room for innovation.
  • Get you a good starting deck list and a sideboard guide so that you can start jamming games and learning.

Here’s the list I’ve been playing and I’ve been liking it a lot in metagame defined by Lotus Field, Phoenix and Winota, but I’ve been struggling some versus Rakdos decks (both the Anvil and midrange variants).



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