Siege Rhino is Back! Explorer Abzan Midrange – Deck Guide

Siege Rhino defined my early stage days of competitive Magic. Khans of Tarkir was the set with which I really started to get into Magic, and Siege Rhino was the “thing” from the day it got released to the day it rotated out. Every piece of removal, every creature and every new card entering the format was compared to Siege Rhino or how it would fare against it. Explorer Anthology 1 has been out for two weeks now, and with it, Siege Rhino got introduced to the format. I brewed up an Abzan Midrange list and took it for a ride on the ladder on my YouTube channel. I didn’t have any expectations going in, but as it turned out, I didn’t drop a match and I beat Rakdos Midrange 4-0 in games. I started wondering if there is something to this archetype, so I played more, refined the brew and here I am, telling you that Siege Rhino is back – and it’s as good as ever.  



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