Should You Still Play 60-Card Rhinos? MTG Modern Deck Guide

Its three weeks since the release of Dominaria United and Leyline Binding appears to be clearly the most impactful card to Modern from the set. 

Leyline Binding

If your deck can meet the domain requirements of having one of each basic land type in play, Leyline Binding is a one-mana instant speed answer to any nonland permanent. As it turns out, in a format like Modern with fetchlands, shocklands and triomes, meeting these domain requirements is almost trivial and Leyline Binding is consistently for one mana on turn two.  

Consequently almost any deck that can play white, and wants to play a plethora of fetchlands, is going to be interested in running the playset of Bindings. The enchantment has been making waves in decks like Four-Color Omnath, Azorius Control and Creativity. Aside from just being an incredibly impressive removal spell, Binding also has some interesting synergy in cascade decks. Since cascade decks can’t play any spells with a mana value less than three (lest they cascade into that spell rather than the card they’re built around), interactive spells like Leyline Binding that can be cast for one or two mana while having a high mana value are at a premium. Additionally, the ability to answer permanent lock pieces like Teferi, Time Raveler and Chalice of the Void while also being immune to Prismatic Ending also makes Leyline Binding a premium option. 

Of the popular cascade decks in Modern (Rhinos, Living End and Glimpse), Binding seems to be the best fit in Rhinos as both Living End and Glimpse (although Binding is fine in Glimpse) have to fill up their lists with combo elements while Rhinos has the luxury of playing any card they like as long as has a mana value of three or more. 



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