Setting Goals for Becoming a Better Magic Player

One question people often ask is how to get better at Magic. While there are a lot of good resources here on CFB Pro in terms of Deck Guides, Deep Dives and video content, presumably if you’re here, you’re interested in becoming a better Magic player. When I was young, I derived a lot of my self esteem and self worth from Magic. Of course, this makes sense, looking back. Magic was one of the first places I really fit in. Some of my earliest memories of playing Magic are those in which other people, either on the local level complimented my Magic ability. 

“Getting better” at Magic, in the abstract is really hard to judge. You can study, work hard and learn lessons, but how do you really tell how much better you’re getting or how good you’ve gotten? There’s not a test you can take, and although the number of games you win is surely a reasonable metric, Magic has a ton of variance, and I mean a ton of variance.


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