Seizing the Storm with Red Spells in Midnight Hunt Draft

We’re a little over a month into the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt draft format, and I have been having an absolute blast drafting so far. The gameplay has been especially sweet, except when my opponents’ Diregraf Hordes exile my sweet flashback and disturb cards that I’ve painstakingly milled into my graveyard. Normally, I would have written an article a couple of weeks into the format, but marching band season has no mercy on my time. So since I missed that, I want to take some time to go over my general draft strategy in Midnight Hunt before diving into drafting Red Spells.

Here is my current order of preference for decks when I’m in try-hard mode:

  1. Blue/X decks
  2. Orzhov Sacrifice
  3. Red/X spells decks, which I’ll cover in detail here
  4. GW Coven

In my experience, black is largely overdrafted in a majority of Arena pods, which leads me to ever so slightly bias away from it when I have a close pick. Although sometimes, you still end up in that random pod where no one seems to know what’s up, and then you can just draft the nuts Dimir Zombies deck. Outside of that, I firmly believe that blue is deeper and more flexible than black, and it’s open significantly more often on Arena. 

Outside of drafting blue and black, my favorite deck to draft are these red spell-based decks, which is why I’m excited to share my “how to” plan with you in this article!




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