Revitalizing Modern Grixis Shadow with Ledger Shredder – Deck Guide

While the banning of Lurrus in Modern was not a change that drastically impacted the landscape of the format, most of the dynamics of the format remain unchanged and gameplay has overall improved. However, one change that did occur was Grixis Shadow losing its tier one status in the Modern meta. Grixis Shadow has really struggled to adapt in the wake of the banning; lists have popped up here and there with different ideas and tech, but an established best version hasn’t emerged. All of this stands to change with the printing of an exciting new creature that has the potential to be a cross format superstar, but is particularly impressive in Grixis Shadow. 

Ledger Shredder

The more that I play with and against Ledger Shredder, the more I’m impressed with it. The card grows quickly, as it’s often at least a 3/5 when you untap and attack with it for the first time. The ability to be triggered by both players and on both players’ turns means that you’ll be able to connive constantly.

While a giant threat is always nice, the real strength from the Shredder comes from the constant card filtering it provides. Sticking a Ledger Shredder on the battlefield usually means that your draws are going to be smooth, letting you loot away extra lands, dead discard spells or even looting away cards like Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger for value. I’ve also found that Shredder is a great way to beat a Rest in Peace, a card that can be quite annoying for Grixis Shadow (and Izzet Murktide) by looting away cards that Rest in Peace invalidates like Kroxa, Drown in the Loch and Dragon’s Rage Channeler. Add flying to this card and you have a lean, mean shredding machine.

Here’s where I’m currently at with the list. I’ve been really impressed with it so far and piloting it has felt like those first few weeks post-MH2 crushing in the leagues with good ol’ Grixis Shadow. I’ve found the deck to be better versus Murktide, Azorius Control and Omnath than it used to be, and lost some percentage points versus Titan and Hammer Time without the main deck Dress Downs.



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2 thoughts on “Revitalizing Modern Grixis Shadow with Ledger Shredder – Deck Guide”

  1. David Muehlhausen

    So some fellow players and I have been talking and wonder if there is a spot for the Evolved Sleeper (spoiled card). We were thinking maybe in place of DRC. It’s probably not better over all, but it does seem to have some advantages at least we thought so.

    It’s easier probably to get to a 3/3.

    Since it doesn’t have to attack each turn it also becomes a better blocker, if needed with a deathtouch counter which could hold off their best creature a turn or two.

    You can also draw off it making it more reliable then surveil late game when you might not be drawing non creature spells and since you take 1 damage it would help get to Death’s Shadow quicker.

    I dunno, just thoughts some of us had for it. I’m sure it’s going to be tested after DU launches.

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