Reid Duke’s Guide to Neon Dynasty Limited

I played a lot of Neon Dynasty Limited in the first week after its Magic Arena release and I’ve collected a lot of thoughts that I hope you readers will find helpful.

Prior to composing this piece, I asked myself how I could best contribute to our Limited content here on ChannelFireball.com. We already have a solid foundation including Luis’s Set Review and Frank’s Archetype Breakdown and Pick Order.

There’s no need for me to retread the ground they’ve already covered. Plus, I haven’t played quite enough to have mastered all 10 color combinations. So instead, I’ll spend the most time on the cards, colors and archetypes that I’ve enjoyed the most.




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Artifacts & Enchantments

Enthusiastic MechanautJukai Naturalist

Kamigawa features an artifact theme, an enchantment theme and an artifacts-and-enchantments theme. I think it’s rare that you should go all-in on any of these themes (usually it would involve getting multiple copies of the signpost uncommons), instead prioritizing small synergies and overall card quality. 

Kami of Terrible Secrets

However, I have found the cards that are powered up by having an artifact and an enchantment to overperform expectations. It’s not that hard to have an artifact and enchantment, even without going far out of your way. 

Roughly one-third of Kamigawa’s creatures are artifact creatures and roughly one-third are enchantment creatures (including the backsides of all of the Sagas). It’s easy to ignore these supertypes when drafting and evaluating the cards because they’re irrelevant under many circumstances. However, when it comes to “checking your boxes” with artifacts and enchantments, you’ll usually have a lot more than you think.

It’s also easy to have an Aura kicking around on the battlefield like an Intercessor’s Arrest or Tamiyo’s Compleation on an opposing creature. 

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  1. Hi Reid, I was curious as to your thoughts on splashing in the format, and how best to go about it. Specifically, how high priority are the common dual lands? How viable is splashing outside of green? Thanks again for the article!

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