Reid Duke’s Crimson Vow Limited Primer – Deep Dive

It’s been a long time since I’ve played enough Limited to feel confident writing about a new set. But with the upcoming MTG Vegas Limited event, I’ve dived into Crimson Vow Limited with both feet, and have been drafting with virtually every second of free time I can find.

Compared to Midnight Hunt and other recent sets, Crimson Vow seems slightly powered down. The complexity level is high, but it seems to center more around general Limited principles like creature base and mana curve, and less around finding specific hidden synergies. I’ve enjoyed it a lot.

We have a lot of reliable, quality Limited content here on the website, and I personally use it to help build a strong background and make sure I’m not missing anything. I’ll link to some of it below:

My goal in writing this Deep Dive isn’t to flesh out the basic stuff, or to retread over ground that my colleagues have already covered. Instead, I’ll give you my personal insights which I’ve gained after a ton of drafts, and many of which weren’t obvious to me on day one.



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