Reanimating Jund Sacrifice for Strixhaven Standard

Today, I continue my exploration of Strixhaven’s Witherbloom College. Last week, I looked at how some sweet Witherbloom cards could be infused into an established shell. Today’s brew, while it does have some familiar features, came from building around one particular card. Let’s look at how Feed the Pests works in Standard Jund Sacrifice.


Tend the Pests


Sacrifice decks have been both popular and successful for the last couple of years. Playing lots of disposable bodies makes you resilient to removal while allowing you to tap into synergies involving the graveyard, stealing the opponent’s stuff, and, well… sacrificing things.

Tend the Pests strikes me as a very powerful card. It does everything you want for this style of deck. It provides a large number of disposable bodies, and by itself is a sacrifice outlet that you can pair with Claim the Firstborn or The Akroan War. Being an instant, you can use it in response to a removal spell, or generate an army at the end of the opponent’s turn. 

How can we take maximum advantage of Tend the Pests? We need some oversized creatures!


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