Rakdos Sacrifice is Better Than Ever! MTG Standard Deck Guide

Rakdos Sacrifice has quietly taken a spot as one of the Tier 1 archetypes in Dominaria United Standard. Combining the best removal in Standard and an efficient artifact value engine consisting of Reckoner Bankbuster, Experimental Synthesizer and Oni-Cult Anvil makes for a great strategy in the current metagame.

Two players cinched the Top 8 of the Standard Showcase Challenge with Rakdos Sacrifice a weekend ago and following that, it made first and second place at the most recent Magic Online Standard Challenges. With the next Arena Qualifier Weekend being Standard, you should be well aware of Rakdos Sacrifice as a top contender in the meta. I’ve played the deck a lot recently and am here to provide you with my latest list and sideboard guide in this article. Enjoy the read! 



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