Rakdos Midrange in MTG Explorer/Pioneer – Deep Dive

Rakdos Midrange is great in Pioneer, and all signs point to it being the single best deck in Explorer as well. It’s exceptionally popular and successful, and it’s also the deck I’ve personally had the best experience playing with. 

Importantly, all of this matches intuition for the “R/B good cards” strategy. The card quality is through the roof, and the sideboard options are better than for any other deck in either format. To put it simply, Rakdos Midrange is the most well-rounded deck in both Pioneer and Explorer. 

I like it against everything besides the big mana decks in Pioneer, and haven’t yet found a bad matchup for it in Explorer. 

This Deep Dive will be an expansion of Martin Juza’s Rakdos Midrange Deck Guide. The updated deck list and sideboard guide will reference Explorer, but I’m confident that Pioneer players out there will find useful advice as well. 



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1 thought on “Rakdos Midrange in MTG Explorer/Pioneer – Deep Dive”

  1. Good stuff, thanks for the update. How do you feel about the other 5 CMC top end cards such as Invoke Despair and Goblin Dark Dwellers?

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