Powerstones are Going to Take Over The Brothers’ War MTG Standard

The Brothers’ War spoilers are out and the brewing can begin! I’m really excited about this set’s impact on Standard and I have high hopes for Powerstone-centered decks making a splash. Today, I’ll go through the most promising cards we can build our artifact strategies around in this article. You all know me – I come from a very competitive perspective and I don’t try to clickbait you into thinking this or that is good. The insights I’m sharing with you today are not deck lists that I built in 10 minutes; I put time into thinking about every slot and how they line up against previous top tier Standard decks and how they would stand in the anticipated metagame after The Brothers’ War releases.

I’m looking at blue to pair with my Powerstones because after tinkering around with other colors, I came to the conclusion that blue has the best tools to build strong synergies with artifacts. In addition to that, some of the strongest cards against artifacts like Farewell, Titan of Industry or Fade from History are much easier to beat when you have counterspells for them. I know you’re eagerly waiting to see the brews, but before we get into the first deck list, let’s talk about the cards I’m excited about and why. 


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1 thought on “Powerstones are Going to Take Over The Brothers’ War MTG Standard”

  1. I think you’re kind of underselling Stern Lesson. It reads quite a bit closer to Cultivate than Catalog though that depends wildly on the deck it’s in. In a blue/artifact deck running a fair bit of instant-speed interaction, I’d jump through serious hoops to play an instant-speed cultivate and this is much better in the late game.

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