Post-Ban Standard Izzet Dragons – Deck Guide Update

Divide by Zero, Alrund’s Epiphany and Faceless Haven got hit by the banhammer in Standard, blowing Izzet Turns to pieces and messing with the monocolored aggressive decks. If you’re wondering what to play in Standard after the dust has settled, I got the answer for you – Izzet Dragons.

You might wonder, why should I play a deck that used to play two of the three banned cards itself, making it theoretically weaker now? Let me pitch you why: Izzet Dragons’ biggest enemies were Mono-Green Aggro and Izzet Turns. Izzet Turns ceases to exist and with that, a good reason to play Mono-Green Aggro. The former strategy not only loses Faceless Haven, it cannot prey on Izzet Turns any longer.

Turns kept down strategies like BW Snow and BG Midrange, which are surely going to see play in the new environment. Those two are the opposite of what Mono-Green Aggro would like to face. 

Izzet Dragons is still playing some of the best cards legal in Standard. The archetype is looking to be in prime position to fight the emerging class of midrange with Izzet’s cheap counterspells and great card draw. Divide by Zero and Alrund’s Epiphany were never necessary for Izzet Dragons. The centerpieces of the strategy are still intact. Here’ss my take on the archetype post-bans. My record on the ladder as of writing is a respectable 16-2.




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  1. I made the suggested changes of Crush the Weak vs Cinderclasm. I removed a copy of shatter skull and replaced this with Cradle of safety. im not 100% sold on this, however it triggers the Ashmouth and creates mana with the Goldspan.

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