Poison the Competition in Standard: Selesnya Toxic MTG Deck Guide

Selesnya Toxic was the breakout Standard deck from the Japan/South Korea Regional Championship in Yokohama last weekend. The archetype, which was played by five competitors, attained an impressive 64.9 percent win rate against the field and it won the event in the hands of Rei Sato. Seeing Sato’s success, many Magic Online players picked up his deck list and immediately made several Top 8s in Challenges over the weekend, proving that Selesnya Toxic is the real deal.

I had been independently testing Selesnya Toxic as an option for my Regional Championship, held in Naples, Italy this weekend, and I was quickly climbing the ladder with it. In this article, I’ll take a closer look at Selesnya Toxic, including its key card choices, sideboard strategies and gameplay tips. Let’s start with my recommended build, which is similar to but slightly different from Rei Sato’s deck.


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