Playtesting Like a Pro in MTG – Deep Dive

I recently made a Tweet asking for article topic suggestions and a large part of the replies were something related to playtesting. This is a great topic now that the Pro Tour is back, and with it the ultimate dream of most competitive players trying to grind through all the qualifying tournaments. Properly tuning and playtesting your deck is a key aspect to doing well, so today I want to show you some important tips on what to focus on and how to do the best job of preparing yourself for the important tournaments. 



Header - Finding a Playgroup

The best advice I can give to start with is to find a group of players with similar goals in mind as you. Whether it’s doing well in your local store, getting a high mythic rank on MTG Arena or trying to break through the regional qualifiers and doing well at the Pro Tour, there are always a ton of other people willing to group up and share information, their findings and workload. 

Trying to figure everything out by yourself is not impossible, but it’s a monumental task, given how many different decks, matchups and possible card choices there are in every format. Doing this in a group makes everything much easier and it’s a great way to learn and become better at the game. 

If I was a competitive player on my own looking to improve and find a team, I would try to look for a playtest group in my local area or using social media, Discord and streams. Twitter and Twitch is where most of the Magic happens these days, so even if you’re in a remote area without a local store, you can be certain that there are plenty of other people reading Magic Twitter and watching the streams with similar goals in mind as you that are also looking to group up. There’s nothing wrong in asking in Twitch chat, on Twitter or in the comments section under an article if someone wants to play some games.

“Hey guys, I really like this deck, I’m from the XYZ area with the PTQs coming up, anyone wants to test some games?”

“I’m qualified for the PT and looking for an online testing team. Willing to put in a lot of work. My previous experience includes XYZ. RTs appreciated!”

Most streamers and strategy websites have Discord servers where people discuss new cards and decks and exchange tips and new tech. Andrea Mengucci has been working with an open team for recent Arena Set Championships, inviting everyone who wants to work as a team. 

As long as you’re willing to put up some work, you should be able to find a team to play with to make everything easier.

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  1. Hasn’t WotC changed the August Qualifier to Alchemy instead of Historic? Still, most of the lessons here are timeless!

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