Playing Defense in New Capenna Limited

Welcome to Blocking is Illegal: the format. The more I play Streets of New Capenna Limited, the more convinced I become that your goal should be to avoid blocking as much as possible. If you aren’t blocking, it means you are likely either racing or ahead on board, both of which are better places to be in the format than playing from behind.

Now, I’m not naïve enough to think that everything is sunshine and roses, and if you build your deck right, you’ll be able to avoid blocking forever in the format. However, I do think it is important to approach deckbuilding and gameplay with the idea that blocking is definitely suboptimal. Instead of blocking, you should be looking to play defense – more on that later.




Header - Why Blocking is Illegal

On average in Streets of New Capenna, creatures have more power than they have toughness, which is the first time this phenomenon has happened since I started cohosting the Lords of Limited podcast and trying to understand Limited formats as quickly as possible. At face value, an easy conclusion to draw from that data is that creatures are better at attacking than playing defense on average. I believe that also holds up once you start diving into individual cards that are overperforming in the format and why those specific cards are overperforming.

While it’s true that creatures are generally better at attacking in SNC, the creatures aren’t the real culprit for why blocking is illegal in the format. Enter public enemy #1: tempo cards. There are so many efficient cards in the format that let you leverage the power of being ahead of your opponent.

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