Pioneer RW Heroic – Deck Guide

While aggro decks in Modern seem to be struggling in the current metagame, aggro decks in Pioneer are thriving at the moment. Mono-Red Aggro, Izzet Prowess, Mono-Blue Spirits, Selesnya Angels, Orzhov Auras and the subject of this guide, RW Heroic, are all on a big upswing in the format. This is largely due to the fact that aggro decks are a great counter to the most popular deck in the format: Mono-Green Devotion. Boros Heroic specifically is a great counter to Mono-Green and seems to be one of, if not the very best deck, in the format to counter the Mono-Green menace.

The deck also has one of the highest skill ceilings in the format as figuring out to to navigate through removal spells and blockers perfectly takes a long time to learn. Playing the deck has made me nostalgic for watching Brian Kibler and Tom Ross masterfully navigate through difficult combat step after combat step. If you enjoy gameplay similar to that of Hammer Time or Infect in Modern, I highly recommend trying out this archetype. 

Here’s the list that I’d currently recommend. Like I mentioned earlier, one of the main draws to this archetype is that it has a phenomenal Mono-Green matchup. However, I’ve also found that this version (thanks to some metagame decisions we’ll go over later) is also quite good versus the various Izzet decks running around the format. In general, I think that this deck has a lot of game versus the format as whole, with no matchups that feel truly awful, but I haven’t felt particularly favored versus either Azorius Control or Mono-Red Aggro with the list. I also think that the deck is capable of adapting to metagame changes, and I’m excited to see how the lists evolve over time. 



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  1. 17 Land??? That seems a bit short when there are not a lot of scry or other ways to thin your deck out ie fetch lands. What would need to come out for me to go to 18,19 or 20 land.

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