Pioneer Rakdos Midrange with Sheoldred – MTG Deck Guide Update

Rakdos Midrange has cemented itself as the most successful Pioneer deck with the release of Liliana of the Veil and Sheoldred, the Apocalypse in Dominaria United.

Liliana of the VeilSheoldred, the Apocalypse

This list is based off one from Misplacedginger, a streamer who has been putting amazing results in the MTGO Challenges. 



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4 thoughts on “Pioneer Rakdos Midrange with Sheoldred – MTG Deck Guide Update”

  1. firstName lastName

    Great article, wouldn’t a Takenuma for a swamp be a nice addition? the meta doesn’t strike me as very land destruction heavy so one less basic for a land that’s have a nice late game ability that also doesn’t cost you life when tapped seems appropriate.

  2. What do I have to do to make this website understand I’m already signed up for the new tcgplayer service

  3. Anyone else finding the TCG player site just throws error when you try to sign up for membership? Would love to be able to read this 🙁

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