Pioneer Mono-Blue Spirits – Deck Guide

Do you remember the Mono-Blue Tempo deck back from around Ixalan Standard? If you enjoyed that, then you’ll love Pioneer Mono-Blue Spirits.

Much like the old Standard deck, Spirits combines a steady stream of card advantage with disruptive threats for the ultimate tempo game plan. Between the multitude of counterspells and flash threats, games sometimes feel so lopsided that your opponents can barely resolve a spell!

If you’re interested in the Explorer version of this deck, I suggest checking out my teammate Martin Juza’s Deck Guide on the subject here:

However, there’s a few differences between the two decks, ranging from different metagames to Pioneer’s wider card pool, so let’s take a look at my take on the Pioneer version.



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  1. Going to play in Explorer subbing out Mausoleum Wanderer for something, what’s the best suggestion you all think? Or is the deck no good at all without it?

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