Pioneer Izzet Creative Gearhulk – Deck Guide

It’s no secret that the most powerful two-color combination in Pioneer is red and blue. Between access to the best threats, best card draw, premium removal spells and lots of interesting deck building decisions, it’s no surprise that Izzet decks have been a force to be reckoned with throughout Pioneer’s history.

However, with the banning of Expressive Iteration, Izzet pilots and deck builders are scrambling to find the best shell to take advantage of the powerful tools the color combination has to offer. Izzet Control, Prowess, Delver and Phoenix are all powerful established decks that have their own pros and cons, but recently I’ve been working on a powerful new combo/control take on the color combination that seeks to use Indomitable Creativity to quickly cheat copies of Torrential Gearhulk into play. 

Torrential GearhulkIndomitable Creativity

Here’s where I’m at with the list. I’ve liked this lot versus Rakdos Midrange, Mono-Green, Phoenix and other aggro decks, while it can struggle versus Mono-Blue Spirits, Lotus Field and Izzet Delver. However one nice thing about playing a deck that’s capable of having crazy and difficult to beat nut draws is that no matter how bad your matchup is, you always have a chance to high roll a powerful draw and win anyways. 



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