Pioneer Esper Greasefang – Deck Guide

One of the most iconic decks in Pioneer’s history is Inverter, a deck that combined Inverter of Truth with Thassa’s Oracle to end games on turn five with its consistent and powerful combo. While this combo was powerful by its own right, playing it in a shell with Pioneer’s premium interaction, Thoughtseize and Fatal Push. as well as one of the best card selection spells in Magic’s history, Dig Through Time, proved to be too much for the format. After several months, Inverter of Truth was banned in Pioneer. 

Thoughtseize (Timeshifted)Fatal PushDig Through Time

In the wake of Inverter’s banning, many players who loved the deck found themselves disenfranchised or disinterested in the format. However, a couple of recent printings have allowed for a similar two card combo-control deck to emerge that can win by turn five while also making great use of Thoughtseize, Fatal Push and Dig Through Time

That deck is Esper Greasefang, a strategy that seeks to put a copy of Parhelion II and find the right spot to return and crew it with Greasefang, Okiba Boss, dealing massive amounts of damage out of nowhere. This strategy is one that promises to be one of the best in the format and playing it will give you a lot of game versus Mono-Green, Winota and Izzet decks, although I find that it can struggle versus Lotus Field and Azorius Control. 

Here’s the list that I currently recommend. Keep in mind that this is an archetype with lots of flexibility so while you may be able to innovate on it or find some good technology for a certain metagame, I consider this list to be a clean baseline to build from.



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