Pick Order for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Limited

In this article, I will rank all cards in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt from high-to-low for the purpose of the first-pack, first-pick (P1P1) decision in draft, answering the question “which card would you first-pick?” for every conceivable booster pack. While the list reflects P1P1 pick order, the card rankings (which are based entirely on my own evaluations) are also a reflection of raw power in a vacuum. However, you shouldn’t mindlessly follow this or any other ranking for an entire draft, as synergies matter and valuations change once you commit to an archetype.



If you haven’t done so yet, then check out my article on the 10 two-color archetypes in Midnight Hunt Limited first. It sets the stage and provides context for the Limited format. There are two gold signpost uncommons for every color pair, and they pinpoint the synergies to focus on in your draft.



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