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I’ve been really enjoying Dominaria United Limited and I’ve been getting a lot of requests for more articles and tips on the format. A full draft walkthrough is something I haven’t done in a long time, but always thought it was a great way to discuss picks while also talking about the format in general. Let’s get started!

Arena takes the basic land out of the pack, so there are only 14 cards per pack.



Header - Pack 1

Pack 1, Pick 1

Temporary Lockdown, Love Song of Night And Day, Phoenix Chick, Uurg, Spawn of Turg, Artillery Blast, Impede Momentum, Phyrexian Espionage, Aggressive Sabotage, Battle-Rage Blessing, Urborg Repossession, Flowstone Kavu, Colossal Growth, Vineshaper Prodigy, Crystal Grotto

This is definitely not a pack you’re hoping to open. Temporary Lockdown is more of a Constructed rare than a Limited one, especially because white is an aggressive color in this format that mostly benefits from having a lot of cheap creatures and tokens in play to power out Argivian Phalanx and Heroic Charge.

Love Song of Night and Day is okay, but I always feel like I have too many three-mana cards when drafting white, so it’s not really a card I’m looking to first pick either. Phoenix Chick is great in Constructed, but fairly underwhelming in Limited.

Uurg, Spawn of Turg is very good, but the mana cost is pretty brutal. As a general rule, I’m not looking to first pick something with such a restrictive mana cost unless it’s one of the bombs of the format and I like staying open and making flexible picks for as long as possible. I would happily pick up Uurg if this was say pick 4 and I already had two black removal spells and Sunbathing Rootwalla, but for my first pick, I’m looking for something a bit more flexible.

Artillery Blast, Phyrexian Espionage, Urborg Repossession, Flowstone Kavu, Colossal Growth and Vineshaper Prodigy are all fine cards I’m happy to have in my deck, but I expect to get them around pick 5-8 or so, so what am I supposed to take here?

In the end, my first pick is Urborg Repossession, probably the most underrated card in the entire format. Raise Dead is not something I would even normally play, but with so much fixing available, it’s very easy to splash green and make this a cheap two-for-one that can make a huge difference in the game. I like black a lot because it has a lot of removal (Extinguish the Light, Tribute to Urborg, Cut Down) and a lot of good commons in general (Phyrexian Rager, Writhing Necromass, Eerie Soultender). A lot of the creatures in this format also have good enter-the-battlefield effects, which makes it even better. I think there’s a decent chance I can wheel Crystal Grotto out of this pack, too.

My pick: Urborg Repossession

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2 thoughts on “Pick-By-Pick Dominaria United Draft Walkthrough – MTG Deep Dive”

  1. I really loved the format of this article. The ability to look at the pack and make my pick before reading the commentary was very instructive. I especially appreciated Pack 2 Pick 6 because I struggle with potential pivots/later draft splashes. As much as I enjoy limited videos, this article has more educational value for me. Thanks Martin.

  2. Great article. Love to see limited content from the pro’s. Domiaria draft has been fun. Even when my decks aren’t that great the games are fun.

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