Pauper Jeskai Ephemerate – Deck Guide

This past weekend, I played in Paupergeddon, a 226-person tournament in Milan for which I tested for a fair amount. The Italian Pauper community is very active and they organize major events like this one every four months. I practiced with some friends from my area and after exploring Affinity in depth, I decided to move away from it because the amount of Dust to Dust from Boros Eggs to Jeskai Ephemerate was frightening, so I decided to land on the latter instead.

I have been helped immensely by Heisen, an Italian Pauper expert and a member of the Pauper Format Panel, who’s been testing Jeskai Ephemerate for weeks and was willing to help me out. We ended up bringing a similar list and I was able to get to the Top 8 with a 6-1-1 record! In the end, we decided to split the prizes of the Top 8 equally and go to dinner. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to play more Pauper big events with the Italian community!



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