Orzhov Midrange is Great Post-Rotation! MTG Standard Deck Guide

It may not be quite as flashy or exciting as its cousin Esper Midrange. However, Orzhov makes up for it with a smooth, consistent mana base and a streamlined game plan. Orzhov Midrange has been a great deck even since before the release of Streets of New Capenna. With the recent two sets, it’s picked up additional weapons to help it remain a force in the metagame. In my opinion, it’s a highly appealing choice right now. 



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2 thoughts on “Orzhov Midrange is Great Post-Rotation! MTG Standard Deck Guide”

  1. Juan Carlos Da Silva

    Thanks very nice sideboard guide, you covered almost every deck in the meta. But I miss a little explanation of why you add/remove those cards.

  2. Thanks so much for the great article and thorough sideboard guide! I wish other authors put in as much effort as you Reid.

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