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Orzhov Control was one of the best, and one of my personal favorite, decks in Standard 2022. As we move very quickly into the release of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, I’m guessing Orzhov Control will be a deck that certainly has some legs moving forward. There are several new tools that I’m interested in trying in that archetype.




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This is just truly an incredible card. You’ve got two-mana, all-purpose creature removal and oh, you can also kill a planeswalker too! Giving your opponent a card is no small drawback, but especially given that your opponent does have to spend mana and time to actually realize their benefit, this card is just crazy. Instant all-purpose creature removal is especially strong in a format that’s going to be overflowing with creaturelands as well.


I’m not sure how strong this card will be in the Orzhov deck. I’m likely to try it as a one-of. I think it has some things going for it. The “Blood Artist” effect is not bad because of Skullport Merchant and Deadly Dispute and just having some small nonsense creatures. You’ll also have plenty of removal of your own and sweepers which can gain you life and slowly whittle away at the opponent. Gaining even a small amount of life over the course of a game is really strong for this type of deck.


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