Not Just a Meme! MTG Modern Calibrated Blast – Deck Guide

Calibrated Blast isn’t a meme! It won the last Modern Challenge and earned the right of a Deck Guide on ChannelFireball! It may seem like a “just for fun” deck, but its plan is simple: mulligan every hand that doesn’t have Calibrated Blast or Throes of Chaos, cast your Calibrated Blast and shoot your opponent to death.

Calibrated Blast requires you to build your deck only with extremely expensive mana values, with four 12-drops and twelve 15-drops. You’ll brick whenever you reveal an additional copy of Calibrated Blast or Throes of Chaos, only dealing three or four damage, but your average amount of damage will be high enough that casting two Calibrated Blasts will often win you the game.

Scion of DracoShadow of MortalityEmrakul, the Aeons TornAutochthon Wurm

You help your plan with Sunscorched Desert and Ramunap Ruins, as well as Scion of Draco which you can cast on turn two thanks to your fetchlands and Triome + shockland mana base. Either Raffine’s Tower and Stomping Ground or Spara’s Headquarters and Blood Crypt will give you a turn two Scion of Draco that’s able to deal four damage on turn three, making a 15-damage Calibrated Blast often lethal.



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