No Lurrus, No Problem! Modern Grixis Shadow – Deck Guide Update

Grixis Death’s Shadow was one of the decks that led to Lurrus getting the axe (among many, of course), but even without the Cat, it’s alive and well. Today, we’re going to break down what Grixis Shadow looks like without the felonious feline, and we’ll be using the list that Hall of Famer Kenji Tsumura played in a recent Magic Online prelim. You gotta love seeing the greats grinding in these events – I know I love me a Vintage League or Modern Challenge when I’ve got time for ’em.



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4 thoughts on “No Lurrus, No Problem! Modern Grixis Shadow – Deck Guide Update”

  1. Appreciate the update! Can you comment on why the sideboarding for the mirror differs from the plan against “Jund or Other Midrange” if you identify both as grindy matchups? You want Spellbomb more against Kroxa decks than ones without, I suppose, but cutting Fatal Push against Tarmogoyf decks isn’t intuitive to me, for example

  2. Charles Johnson

    More than likely only the spell pierces. Burn is just a tough matchup altogether. Unholy heat can kill the creatures, you just need to counter a few burn spells early I think.

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