No Ban List Modern is One of the Most Exciting Ways to Play MTG

No ban list Modern (NBLM) is one of the most fast-paced, thrilling and exciting ways to enjoy Magic: the Gathering. NBLM let’s you enjoy the entire format’s history, with all of the heavy hitters from the last decade returning to brawl with each other again. In this way, as a long time Modern player, NBLM has felt very nostalgic for me, seeing elements of old decks I’ve loved scattered across deck lists. 

Over the last weekend fellow Twitch streamer Kanister hosted a no ban list Modern tournament on his channel. It was a really fun event, and I would really recommend the format for any group of friends looking to explore something fun and fresh. 

In this article, I’d like to highlight some of the best performing decks from this tournament as a way to introduce you to some of the more popular strategies. I do recommend, however, if you plan on exploring the format for fun with friends, to spend some time enjoying your favorite cards, old pet decks and prioritize having fun  in this relatively casual format. 

I personally played Izzet Phoenix/Demilich, a deck I really enjoyed in Modern before the banning of Faithless Looting and a deck that I’ve always dreamed of playing with Gitaxian Probe being legal to power out these two unique threats as fast as possible. I found that the deck was very consistent at powering out at least two creatures into play by turn two while also holding up some zero-mana interaction. There was also a small range of incredibly powerful turn one nut draws involving multiple Gitaxian Probes and Faithless Looting to go off one turn one. 



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