New Tech for Modern Jeskai Lotus Field! – Deck Guide Update

I imagine most people are familiar with the French expression “déjà vu”, the feeling of experiencing something you’ve already lived before. The French have a similar but lesser known expression “presque vu”. Presque vu, as I understand it, is the feeling of being on the verge of having a thought or idea but the idea never quite strikes you. This is a phenomenon I feel frequently when deckbuilding, and there have been many late nights where I’m staring at a deck list on my screen looking at it like a puzzle that needs to be solved and I end the night mentally stuck. 

Personally, I’ve found the best way to get yourself mentally unstuck in these situations is to simply divert your attention to other projects and eventually new information you read or conversations you have will spark new ideas. 

One example of this happening is with one of my favorite Modern decks: Jeskai Lotus Field.

Jeskai Lotus Field. Is a ramp/control deck that seeks to maximize the power of Lotus Field with Teferi, Hero of Dominaria, Blood Sun and Flagstone of Trokair. 

Lotus FieldTeferi, Hero of DominariaBlood SunFlagstones of Trokair

In October, I wrote a deck guide for the Jeskai Lotus Field and I would recommend reading over it before continuing here since this deck guide is meant to expand on the ideas laid out in the first one. Here’s a link to that article:


What I loved about this version was how well it used Solitude. Solitude is both a premium zero mana interactive spell, and a powerful instant speed five mana two-for-one to ramp into, which is perfect in a deck like this with tons of card advantage and late game inevitability. 

For the longest time I was stuck on Shark Typhoon, a card that I felt was mandatory for this archetype. As a flexible card advantage engine to sink your mana into. However, a recent printing has given the deck a better card advantage engine to sink its mana into: Memory Deluge 


Memory Deluge

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