New Companion! Mardu Obosh Death’s Shadow – Deck Guide

Lurrus has finally been banned in Modern. While I don’t anticipate that this banning will have huge drastic changes to the landscape of Modern, it will of course mainly affect the deck construction of archetypes that were playing Lurrus in their deck. Players who were running Lurrus now find them in one of two camps. 

Camp 1: Linear decks that won’t be affected much by the Lurrus ban. Hammer Time, Hardened Scales, Burn and Mill are all powerful and competitive decks that got to play Lurrus with little to no changes to their deck besides shaving their 15th sideboard card. Some of these decks will explore some new options (like Kaldra Compleat and Nettlecyst in Hammer Time) but for the most part, these decks will remain essentially the same, with a slight nerf and their 15th sideboard card. 

Camp 2: Red/black/x midrange and tempo decks like Grixis Shadow, Jund Saga and Rakdos Midrange that were highly reliant on Lurrus for a late game source of card advantage. This formula of cheap threats backed up by cheap interaction with Lurrus as a guaranteed source of card advantage in the late game was a really potent and powerful strategy that proved itself time and time again in many different shells. These decks will need to figure out a new formula to enact their game plan, but with these shells being so full of powerful format staples, I think that they’ll be able to land on their feet.

This guide will be looking at the evolution of one of those red/black/x variants: Death’s Shadow.

Death's Shadow

I’ve been working on Death’s Shadow lists in Modern for a long time, and since the release of Modern Horizons 2, Grixis Shadow has been the undisputed best way to build the archetype and lists were relatively stock with only a few small differences from pilot to pilot. Now, it feels like the possibilities are endless with cards like Street Wraith, Murktide Regent and Gurmag Angler entering the fray. I think that Grixis Shadow will continue to be a viable and powerful deck in Modern, but finding the best version will take a lot of time and testing. That being said, I’ve been working on a different variant that’s been showing a lot of promise: Mardu Shadow with Obosh, the Preypiercer

This build is a grandchild of an old brew that I was working on before MH2, when I was really enjoying Orzhov Shadow and realized that the deck got to play Obosh without much difficulty. The deck has been performing really well so far, and I’m currently 17-3 with this list.



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