New Capenna Spoiler Breakdown – Esper/Obscura

We’re in the midst of Streets of New Capenna spoiler season and I’m not the one to stay quiet about what I think the new cards will bring to the table. With Esper being my favorite three-color combination in Magic, I’m excited to take a closer look at the Obscura cards spoiled thus far. Let’s dive right in!




Header - Obscura Charm

Obscura Charm

I’m a huge fan of spells with multiple modes. They enhance gameplay, put your decision-making to the test and give you something to do for almost any type of situation. Due to their flexibility, they’re great main deck cards.

The first mode on Obscura Charm gives us the ability to reanimate a multicolored permanent with mana value three or less – any permanent, which includes enchantments and planeswalkers. Obscura’s main mechanic connive synergies with the reanimation mode by discarding permanents early to get them back with the Charm at instant speed. Here’s a list of strong multicolored permanents we could return.

Soaring Thought-ThiefKaito ShizukiNimble LarcenistSilverquill SilencerRaffine, Scheming SeerAven Heartstabber

The second mode is a weakened Test of Talents that covers control and combo decks you might run into. 

The third mode is Eliminate, which was a widely played removal in Standard during the time it was legal. Notably, it’s able to destroy Kaito Shizuki and Ob Nixilis, the Adversary.

Having all three of these good spells in one card is where the strength ultimately comes from. 


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  1. Any thoughts on Extraction Specialist? I’m thinking there could be some cool Esper Rogues tribal potential from this set.

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