My Four Step Brewing Process in MTG

A common request for an article topic seems to be my brewing process. Brewing new decks is one one of the more exciting parts of Magic, and definitely a huge draw to a majority of players. It’s also something I’ve been hesitant to write about for a long time, since it seems somewhat abstract and hard to codify. However, after working on several successful brews over the last few months, I feel a lot more comfortable about defining the set of steps I use. Hopefully this can help you better understand what brewing a successful deck takes, and give you the tools to transform your own deck concepts and ideas into fully functional deck lists.



Header - Step 1: Come Up with an Idea

I like to start with a concept for a deck, of which there are a near infinite amount. A few examples from the recent past are Bant Living End in Modern, Green Anti-Delver in Legacy and Displacer Kitten Runes in Alchemy. The idea should be more than just a set of cards, you should have a brief understanding of what the deck as a whole wants to be doing.

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